Windows 10 ISO 32Bit/64 Bit Official Download For All Version

At 0:50 on July 29, Microsoft has released the message that the official version of Windows 10 ISO,

including Home Edition, Professional Edition, Education Edition and Enterprise Edition.


With the push to open Windows 10 upgrade, Microsoft has released a tool to download the ISO

image in the official website. You can use the following tools to make installation U disk / DVD.

Before you begin, make sure:

1, stable network connection;

2, enough storage space, hard disk, USB or other external storage apparatus for downloading;

3, USB or DVD (at least 4GB space) for the manufacture and installation tools.

If this is the first installation, you need an activation code (xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx), genuine Win7 / 8.1 users can upgrade directly.

Download tool provided by Microsoft include:

1, optimized file format, get faster download speeds;

2, built-in USB, DVD production options;

3, can be converted ISO file format.


Select Create installation media for another PC, as shown above, and then click Next.

You will be asked what form your installation medium should come in.


Select ISO file, then click Next.

And next you can choose the ISO file

Windows 10 ISO download,click it:




Finish down windows 10 iso,double-click setup.exe

After stetups the windows 10,choose Not right now,choose Next.
Finish setup windows 10 system.If you want to windows 10 lisence key,

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