10 Reasons You Should Upgrade to Windows 10 System

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1. Hardware requirements are lower

Compared with the previous system, Win10 that require no hardware upgrade. CPU 1GHz or faster RAM 1GB (32-bit) or 2GB (64-bit), DirectX9 graphics device with WDDM graphics driver, the display 1024×600. According to this standard, as long as your computer can easily run XP, then run Win10 is no pressure.

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2.The performance of Windows 10 is much better than Windows 7

When the boot with respect, Win10 operating system compared to previous shorter, especially Win7. Secondly, Win10 system with the hardware acceleration module, while performing work such as navigation, and other aspects of the game, there will be significant performance gains. In addition, has been widely criticized in the Win10 power management is also more powerful performance, greatly extending their overall life of the device. To sum up, Win10 has been significantly improved in terms of performance.

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3.DX12 game performance is up to 70%

Early in the first half of this year, intel has been adapted for DirectX 12 is made active preparations. Demonstration and testing, in the case of the same configuration, DirectX 11 games running 19 to obtain the effect, the picture card Dayton serious, while running in DirectX 12 environment, but the game frame rate suddenly increased to 33, enough to ensure the screen fluency. Found results also show that compared to the DirectX 12 DirectX 11 performance improves at least about 70%.

Gaming applications, online games can be different from each other Win10 devices; streaming game features let you in on a Win10 computer Play Xbox One games. In addition, Xbox application screen recording and capture function, you can save your most precious moment of the game. In particular, Win10 in a free Xbox Live membership also allows you to easily play against other players and exchange.

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4. The return of the traditional menu

One of the biggest highlights of Win10 Start menu is integrated Win7 Start menu and Modern traditional application of dynamic magnetic Win8 / Win8.1 posted start screen. This improvement is mainly to more fit the user’s habits, it allows users from the desktop quicker and easier to open the application’s own installation. In addition, Win10 can also customize the color and style defined the Start menu, to make your system more personalized.
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5. Multi-tasking more easily
Powerful multi-task management capabilities are another highlight Win10, which allows users to methodically deal with complex situations multiple tasks of different tasks reasonable classification, optimization window layout, easy to find the target application. Virtual desktops provide users with better, more convenient and more efficient way to manage applications and organize their work, each virtual desktop is a separate area, users can customize the different applications in different groups of desktop, work and play separate.
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6.Cortana Xiaona voice assistant
Windows 10 add a voice assistant Cortana Huna. Huna can help you do? Find File: you only need to provide a description of the document, Cortana can help you find; personalized recommendations: Cortana will give personalized recommendations based on your personal habits; set reminders: Cortana can help you set a reminder, you forget to avoid certain some important things; arrive: Cortana can track your schedule, considered a good starting ahead of time, she was able to analyze the traffic situation, so you have plenty of time to arrive.
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 7. The new Edge Browser
Edge Browser is Win10 improvement in yet another blockbuster, unlike previous IE-based browser, Edge features a new rendering engine, making it the overall memory usage and browsing speed has increased dramatically. The key is, Win10 Edge browser for mobile devices provide better support, allowing users to get mobile and PC similar experience. As a new browser, Edge browser adds many new features, such as allowing users to make and handwritten mark on the page, and you can share them with friends; Reading List allows users to save favorite articles, convenience when reading; reading mode can provide users with a clean, non-interference screen layout environment; built-in digital assistant Cortana Huna, can provide more information for the user.
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8.Continuum adaptive mode and tablet
Continuum model is one of the major new features in Win10, which allows the tablet combo device and other equipment as well as variations of the seamless natural users to more easily switch between tablet and traditional PC desktop mode mode. Windows10 will automatically sense the change device operation mode and automatically adjusts to the most appropriate mode, users only need to confirm that you want to change the mode. For Win10 tablet mode, the traditional desktop mode and more obvious difference is that the start screen, flat taskbar application to maximize the window display, etc., which are more suitable for tablet users to operate.
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9.Windows Hello guarantees your safety
Win10 provides a more secure way to protect user information. Windows Hello can be user authentication, secure, accurate and efficient through facial, fingerprint and iris recognition in three ways. It should be noted that the need for new equipment to support facial recognition, such as Intel 3D “real sense” cameras, other camera equipment not commonly available to meet the requirements for this feature. However, from the test results given by the official point of view, this new facial recognition is not only fast, but also in security is guaranteed, do not worry about a stranger will take your photo “muddle through.”
10. Eligible to free upgrades
Win10 to qualified users will provide free upgrades, so that we can at the lowest cost, free to enjoy Microsoft’s latest R & D results. That is, as long as your system is Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 Update, Windows Phone 8.1 in one, and has been a Microsoft genuine users, Inner then it can be officially released in Win10 year free upgrade their systems to Windows 10. While this plan does not contain a large number of domestic still XP users, but Microsoft is also regarded as a major initiative in the history of the.
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