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Windows 10 Technical Preview Key

Download Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview

Before you install Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview, be sure to review the system requirements and other important information. If you’re ready to get started, download a special file called ISO files according to the following steps, you can use this file to install the “Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview”. Click on this page of “download” one of the links.“Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview” When the download is complete, the ISO files to DVD or USB flash drive, such as the installation media. Double-click the setup.exe installation media and follow the steps.
“Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview” technology preview version has been released. If you are a computer expert or an IT professional, please come with us together to create the best ever Windows.
IT professionals: Windows 10 Technical Preview for more information about the Enterprise Edition.
“Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview” all-platform operating system:
The new Microsoft Windows 10 cover the entire platform that can run on your phone, tablet, desktop and Xbox One and other devices, it has the same interface and the same application store, across devices with a search, purchase and upgrade.
“Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview” Microsoft said, it would be the most current hardware compatibility system, with a new experience that allows users to play while you work, and also connected to the Internet.
In addition, the new system is more emphasis on enterprise application users, business users can customize customized application store, all types of equipment in the business and personal information area may be separate.
“Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview” button to start the real return:
After the Windows 8 release, a bad experience in all aspects has become the consensus of users worldwide. And in which the cancellation of the start button has become the focus of Tucao. Although subsequent windows 8.1 have proposed the concept of the Start button again, but “in name only” form does not allow the majority of users have been accepted.Obviously, Microsoft has a deep understanding of this point, in this show the new version of Windows, although the overall interface is still a continuation of the previous Win 8 / 8.1 style, but the Start button to get a real return. Start button after the return of the traditional Windows 7 style and tile combination, users can not only lower-left corner of the screen as before clicking the Start button to select an application, and the right side of the menu will be a small extension Metro tile interface, support for custom search features such as icons. Of course, you can also choose to return to Win 8.1 on the operating mode of the Start button, Microsoft considered himself in the previous decision of Win 8 / Win 8.1 on the left a little face.
“Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview” new multi-tasking mode:
On the system interface, Windows 10 uses a new multi-tasking mode, the taskbar there is a new button: Task View. When you click on the task button to start viewing multiple desktops in the bottom of the screen, you can more easily view currently open applications, similar to OS X systems.
“Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview” of the multi-desktop feature allows you to display multiple applications in separate areas, which improve the efficiency of business users is still very useful.
“Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview” Reserved Charm Sidebar:
“Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview” Earlier on Windows 8 Charms Bar added feature is intended to allow users to operate the touch is better to control the system, but in practice it does not appear like a Start button to make the same headaches, even once after the Windows 8 release, so use the old PC user for years do not know where the shutdown.


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