The enduring unpopularity of Windows 8 meant it was vital that Microsoft nail its next OS to prove that it was an aberration.

Windows 10, not Windows 9 as you and arithmetic would expect, looks to be a marked improvement.

Instead of adding a host of new complicated features, Windows 10 was designed to simplify – so much that it could work on screens ranging from 4 to 80 inches.

That’s the central conceit of Windows 10; creating a shared user interface for smartphones to tablets all the way up to PCs.

What are the key lessons from the launch of Windows 10?


Microsoft knows Windows 8 was a disaster

So keen was Microsoft to distance itself from the abomination of Windows 8 that they defied logic and skipped number 9.

Their official explanation was vague: “This product, when you see the product in your fullness I think you’ll agree with us that it’s a more appropriate name.”

Everything else about Tuesday’s press conference was an admission that Windows 8 was a dud, and that the new OS will not be much like it.

Microsoft OS Chief Terry Myerson said: “It gives the familiarity of Windows 7 with some of the elements of Windows 8.”

Touch is the main thing they’ll keep roughly the same, and the Charms bar will stay, though it will be fiddled with.

Microsoft pretty much came out and said that the user experience of Windows 8 was a lesson in what not to do.

Windows 10, on the other hand, will transition keyboard use with touch use, with the device’s interface changing depending on what the user has input.


Start menu makes a comeback

Windows 10 has put the Start Menu back at the front and left of the Microsoft user interface. When opened, the menu splits into two columns – one the traditional list, the other app-style icons.

Users can also manipulate the size and shape of the Start Menu and applications for which it is a doorway.

And there’s now universal search from the Start menu, including web results. All in all, it was a good day for Start.

Improved command prompt for computer geeks

Joe Belfiore, the man behind Windows Phone, confessed that this was a “geeky” function. Command prompt is not much used except by those who know what to do with it.

For those technology enthusiasts, command prompting got a whole lot easier with Windows 10. Whereas before you would have to open a context menu and hit paste, now you can use Ctrl+V as you do anywhere else.

Microsoft wants feedback

That’s what the Windows Insider Program is for. Myerson said: “We’re inviting our enthusiastic fans to evaluate [Windows 10] with us. We know they’re a vocal bunch.”

For those who know that “DLL is not the new OMG” or that “BIOS is not a plant-based fuel,” Microsoft is asking for your thoughts on the OS. Forums will be set up, as will discussions with Microsoft engineers.

Multi-desktops for multi-tasking

Task view allows users to access multiple desktop screens where multiple apps are in use. These mini-screens (kind of like windows) crop up at the bottom of the interface.

Using the new “Snap Assist” UI at the side of the screen, you can grab apps from these other desktops. This is for power users who use lots of programmes all at once and for extended periods of time.

In a lot of ways, this feature puts Microsoft back in the desktop game as opposed to smartphones, tablets etc.

Built for business

Enterprise was the buzzword at the California conference, with this OS a direct appeal to major businesses to opt again for Microsoft.

It’s familiar, they said. It’s compatible with all the modern management systems, the said. And productivity is squarely at the heart of the product.

I’m not sure what the customised Microsoft store does to entice industry, but Microsoft listed it as one of their four enterprise values.

The final value, and probably the most interesting, is the separation of personal and corporate data. This will allow for varying levels of security, and should keep your top-secret business information under wraps.

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Windows 10 Technical Preview Key

Download Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview

Before you install Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview, be sure to review the system requirements and other important information. If you’re ready to get started, download a special file called ISO files according to the following steps, you can use this file to install the “Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview”. Click on this page of “download” one of the links.“Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview” When the download is complete, the ISO files to DVD or USB flash drive, such as the installation media. Double-click the setup.exe installation media and follow the steps.
“Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview” technology preview version has been released. If you are a computer expert or an IT professional, please come with us together to create the best ever Windows.
IT professionals: Windows 10 Technical Preview for more information about the Enterprise Edition.
“Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview” all-platform operating system:
The new Microsoft Windows 10 cover the entire platform that can run on your phone, tablet, desktop and Xbox One and other devices, it has the same interface and the same application store, across devices with a search, purchase and upgrade.
“Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview” Microsoft said, it would be the most current hardware compatibility system, with a new experience that allows users to play while you work, and also connected to the Internet.
In addition, the new system is more emphasis on enterprise application users, business users can customize customized application store, all types of equipment in the business and personal information area may be separate.
“Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview” button to start the real return:
After the Windows 8 release, a bad experience in all aspects has become the consensus of users worldwide. And in which the cancellation of the start button has become the focus of Tucao. Although subsequent windows 8.1 have proposed the concept of the Start button again, but “in name only” form does not allow the majority of users have been accepted.Obviously, Microsoft has a deep understanding of this point, in this show the new version of Windows, although the overall interface is still a continuation of the previous Win 8 / 8.1 style, but the Start button to get a real return. Start button after the return of the traditional Windows 7 style and tile combination, users can not only lower-left corner of the screen as before clicking the Start button to select an application, and the right side of the menu will be a small extension Metro tile interface, support for custom search features such as icons. Of course, you can also choose to return to Win 8.1 on the operating mode of the Start button, Microsoft considered himself in the previous decision of Win 8 / Win 8.1 on the left a little face.
“Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview” new multi-tasking mode:
On the system interface, Windows 10 uses a new multi-tasking mode, the taskbar there is a new button: Task View. When you click on the task button to start viewing multiple desktops in the bottom of the screen, you can more easily view currently open applications, similar to OS X systems.
“Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview” of the multi-desktop feature allows you to display multiple applications in separate areas, which improve the efficiency of business users is still very useful.
“Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview” Reserved Charm Sidebar:
“Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview” Earlier on Windows 8 Charms Bar added feature is intended to allow users to operate the touch is better to control the system, but in practice it does not appear like a Start button to make the same headaches, even once after the Windows 8 release, so use the old PC user for years do not know where the shutdown.


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Supported Products

1.Office 2010/2013;
2.Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9841/9860/9888/9926 all versions;
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kmspico windows 10 activator



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You have already tested the Windows 10 on your PC recently, there you need the product key to activate your Windows completely. Now, Microsoft has made the vibrant change for the Windows users by launching Windows 10. In the same way, if you have installed Windows 10 on your PC after downloading from the store then you need the Product Key otherwise you will not able to install it forever. It is notable for the users that Windows 10 is free for the first year. This may prevent you from the using of Windows 10. So, the Product Key is very necessary for the Windows to activate.


Here, we give you the Product Key for Microsoft Windows 10 – 64 bit or 32 bit on your PC and Activator as well. Let us start.

Product Key for Microsoft Windows 10 – 64 bit or 32 bit

Actually, The Tech Giant has decided to release the Product Key for the users. As you know, the Microsoft Windows 10 Product Key is different for different Windows.

Windows 10 Product Key

Windows 10 – 32 bit

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Windows 10 Pro Activator

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windows 10 的图像结果

1. Hardware requirements are lower

Compared with the previous system, Win10 that require no hardware upgrade. CPU 1GHz or faster RAM 1GB (32-bit) or 2GB (64-bit), DirectX9 graphics device with WDDM graphics driver, the display 1024×600. According to this standard, as long as your computer can easily run XP, then run Win10 is no pressure.

windows 10 的图像结果

2.The performance of Windows 10 is much better than Windows 7

When the boot with respect, Win10 operating system compared to previous shorter, especially Win7. Secondly, Win10 system with the hardware acceleration module, while performing work such as navigation, and other aspects of the game, there will be significant performance gains. In addition, has been widely criticized in the Win10 power management is also more powerful performance, greatly extending their overall life of the device. To sum up, Win10 has been significantly improved in terms of performance.

windows 10 的图像结果

3.DX12 game performance is up to 70%

Early in the first half of this year, intel has been adapted for DirectX 12 is made active preparations. Demonstration and testing, in the case of the same configuration, DirectX 11 games running 19 to obtain the effect, the picture card Dayton serious, while running in DirectX 12 environment, but the game frame rate suddenly increased to 33, enough to ensure the screen fluency. Found results also show that compared to the DirectX 12 DirectX 11 performance improves at least about 70%.

Gaming applications, online games can be different from each other Win10 devices; streaming game features let you in on a Win10 computer Play Xbox One games. In addition, Xbox application screen recording and capture function, you can save your most precious moment of the game. In particular, Win10 in a free Xbox Live membership also allows you to easily play against other players and exchange.

windows 10 的图像结果

4. The return of the traditional menu

One of the biggest highlights of Win10 Start menu is integrated Win7 Start menu and Modern traditional application of dynamic magnetic Win8 / Win8.1 posted start screen. This improvement is mainly to more fit the user’s habits, it allows users from the desktop quicker and easier to open the application’s own installation. In addition, Win10 can also customize the color and style defined the Start menu, to make your system more personalized.
windows 10 的图像结果
5. Multi-tasking more easily
Powerful multi-task management capabilities are another highlight Win10, which allows users to methodically deal with complex situations multiple tasks of different tasks reasonable classification, optimization window layout, easy to find the target application. Virtual desktops provide users with better, more convenient and more efficient way to manage applications and organize their work, each virtual desktop is a separate area, users can customize the different applications in different groups of desktop, work and play separate.
windows 10 的图像结果
6.Cortana Xiaona voice assistant
Windows 10 add a voice assistant Cortana Huna. Huna can help you do? Find File: you only need to provide a description of the document, Cortana can help you find; personalized recommendations: Cortana will give personalized recommendations based on your personal habits; set reminders: Cortana can help you set a reminder, you forget to avoid certain some important things; arrive: Cortana can track your schedule, considered a good starting ahead of time, she was able to analyze the traffic situation, so you have plenty of time to arrive.
windows 10 的图像结果
 7. The new Edge Browser
Edge Browser is Win10 improvement in yet another blockbuster, unlike previous IE-based browser, Edge features a new rendering engine, making it the overall memory usage and browsing speed has increased dramatically. The key is, Win10 Edge browser for mobile devices provide better support, allowing users to get mobile and PC similar experience. As a new browser, Edge browser adds many new features, such as allowing users to make and handwritten mark on the page, and you can share them with friends; Reading List allows users to save favorite articles, convenience when reading; reading mode can provide users with a clean, non-interference screen layout environment; built-in digital assistant Cortana Huna, can provide more information for the user.
windows 10 的图像结果
8.Continuum adaptive mode and tablet
Continuum model is one of the major new features in Win10, which allows the tablet combo device and other equipment as well as variations of the seamless natural users to more easily switch between tablet and traditional PC desktop mode mode. Windows10 will automatically sense the change device operation mode and automatically adjusts to the most appropriate mode, users only need to confirm that you want to change the mode. For Win10 tablet mode, the traditional desktop mode and more obvious difference is that the start screen, flat taskbar application to maximize the window display, etc., which are more suitable for tablet users to operate.
windows 10 的图像结果
9.Windows Hello guarantees your safety
Win10 provides a more secure way to protect user information. Windows Hello can be user authentication, secure, accurate and efficient through facial, fingerprint and iris recognition in three ways. It should be noted that the need for new equipment to support facial recognition, such as Intel 3D “real sense” cameras, other camera equipment not commonly available to meet the requirements for this feature. However, from the test results given by the official point of view, this new facial recognition is not only fast, but also in security is guaranteed, do not worry about a stranger will take your photo “muddle through.”
10. Eligible to free upgrades
Win10 to qualified users will provide free upgrades, so that we can at the lowest cost, free to enjoy Microsoft’s latest R & D results. That is, as long as your system is Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 Update, Windows Phone 8.1 in one, and has been a Microsoft genuine users, Inner then it can be officially released in Win10 year free upgrade their systems to Windows 10. While this plan does not contain a large number of domestic still XP users, but Microsoft is also regarded as a major initiative in the history of the.
windows 10 的图像结果
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If we use the windows 10 system, when you want to activate it but there is no windows10 activation keys, then there will be a lot of restrictions on the use of the system functions,not even personalization to set windows 10 system. If you want to activate Win10 there is a need win10 key activation, we will share you share the all versions of windows 10 activation keys.

Windows 10 system is Microsoft’s next-generation operating system, Microsoft announced officially released Windows 10 on July 29, 2015.Windows 10 will be the first model to offer free upgrades to users who meet the qualification genuine Windows 7 and 8 / 8.1 device, and the presence of certain hardware and software requirements and time limits. In addition, Windows10 system also integration Cortana, Microsoft Edge and Xbox, etc.

Pro Edition: W269N-WFGWX-YVC9B-4J6C9-T83GX

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Enterprise Edition N: DPH2V-TTNVB-4X9Q3-TJR4H-KHJW4

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These keys are shared by all versions of windows 10 system today, free activation key, key hope win10 Pro can help you.

Or you can use a new tool for activation, the same can also activate the system. Storm activation tool is a tool for system activation. Using this tool, you can easily achieve a key to activate offline permanently perfect, just for the convenience of the majority of Windows users and the birth of the tool.

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At 0:50 on July 29, Microsoft has released the message that the official version of Windows 10 ISO,

including Home Edition, Professional Edition, Education Edition and Enterprise Edition.


With the push to open Windows 10 upgrade, Microsoft has released a tool to download the ISO

image in the official website. You can use the following tools to make installation U disk / DVD.

Before you begin, make sure:

1, stable network connection;

2, enough storage space, hard disk, USB or other external storage apparatus for downloading;

3, USB or DVD (at least 4GB space) for the manufacture and installation tools.

If this is the first installation, you need an activation code (xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx), genuine Win7 / 8.1 users can upgrade directly.

Download tool provided by Microsoft include:

1, optimized file format, get faster download speeds;

2, built-in USB, DVD production options;

3, can be converted ISO file format.


Select Create installation media for another PC, as shown above, and then click Next.

You will be asked what form your installation medium should come in.


Select ISO file, then click Next.

And next you can choose the ISO file

Windows 10 ISO download,click it:




Finish down windows 10 iso,double-click setup.exe

After stetups the windows 10,choose Not right now,choose Next.
Finish setup windows 10 system.If you want to windows 10 lisence key,

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Windows 10 Professional Product Key
Windows 10 finally released. Genuine activation Windows 7 / 8.1 users can wait for a push, free upgrades, participated in the beta program of Windows Insider contributors can also easily “positive”, then other people? Be sure to buy it? If I just want to taste fresh, how to activate Windows 10 Professional Product Key it?

Although Microsoft generations to upgrade the technology to counter, but one foot step ahead, activation will never be a problem. In just the foreign experts on the release of the Windows 10 key activation method , though not a button, but also very simple.

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After Windows 10 Professional Key is installed, an administrator first open CMD command line window.
Windows 10 Professional Edition users, please turn enter:

  slmgr /ipk W269N-WFGWX-YVC9B-4J6C9-T83GX
  slmgr /skms
  slmgr /ato
Windows 10 Enterprise Edition users, please turn enter:
  slmgr /ipk NPPR9-FWDCX-D2C8J-H872K-2YT43
  slmgr /skms
  slmgr /ato
There are also a number of other keys, you can own experience, the following:

Windows 10 Professional Edition Key: VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T

Windows 10 Enterprise Edition Key: XGVPP-NMH47-7TTHJ-W3FW7-8HV2C


Windows 10 Professional Edition N Key: 2B87N-8KFHP-DKV6R-Y2C8J-PKCKT

Windows 10 Enterprise Edition N Key: WGGHN-J84D6-QYCPR-T7PJ7-X766F

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Windows 10 Enterprise Edition S Key: FWN7H-PF93Q-4GGP8-M8RF3-MDWWW

Windows 10 Single-language version Key: BT79Q-G7N6G-PGBYW-4YWX6-6F4BT 

Note: This article is only for the purpose of technical discussion, not encourage any piracy, nor for any consequences of using the secret key to bring responsible, please support genuine! 
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